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Welcome to the Heine Slam

The Heine Slam is a joint project of all five faculties in the form of a science lecture competition. It makes special features, research interests and also curiosities of the individual disciplines visible and demonstrates the diversity and creativity of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf in a unique way.

However, not only across faculty boundaries, but also within the academic hierarchies, the Heine Slam is an unprecedented spectacle. Like no other format in academia, the Heine Slam is open to all academic degrees of slammers. Here, professors compete against first-year students. Bachelors and masters, doctoral candidates and postdocs, young scientists, young academics with doctorates and highly decorated academics, all levels of the academic hierarchy meet at eye level in the Heine Slam and put their skills to the test. In the end, only the audience decides on victory or defeat, and it is up to them to be convinced and carried away!

Previous events

We look back with satisfaction on already four years of collegial competition, inspiring science and brilliant shows, full of brilliant and entertaining slams that broadened our horizons, made us laugh and think, and changed our view of science and its fields of activity:

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