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The Heine Slam 2017

The winner is ...

Laurenz Neumann from the Faculty of Law! He wins the Heine Slam 2017 under thunderous applause and silver confetti rain. With his slam "Who did this: Das BGB" he finally convinced the enthusiastic audience in an exciting run-off against Cinzia Tanzella from the Faculty of Philosophy with "Hörnchen, Eichhörnchen und das Dativ-Akkusativ-Dilemma".

Already a quarter of an hour before the start of the Heine Slam Final 2017, the largest lecture hall of our university was bursting with a clapping happy audience. Equipped with red Airsticks and "I love Heine-Slam" buttons, students, lecturers and citizens of the city streamed into the professionally designed lecture hall. Unfortunately, not all interested people came to the lecture hall, so they could first follow the event in the foyer via a live projection.

Jutta Teuwsen, the 2015 Heine Slam winner, presented the entertaining and highly exciting evening of scientific short presentations in a pointedly witty manner. Cinzia Tanzella made a convincing and extremely charming start with her slam on the challenges of the German language from the perspective of an Italian. Laurenz Neumann followed with his history of the BGB, winning over the audience with his legally accurate rhetoric and youthful wit. Unfortunately, there was no contribution from the Faculty of Economic Sciences, as no one could be motivated to participate in this year's Heine Slam. The stage remained empty at this point. Wiebke Scherler from the Faculty of Medicine practiced with her slam "Carrot and Medicine - a silent criticism" of her guild. Finally, Kay Weibert entertained the audience with her slam "Look me in the eyes, little one," not least by using the lecture hall as a stage space and employing boom boxes, colorful socks, Garfield and Einstein as props.

For the vote, an ear committee was formed from the Rektroin, Ms. Anja Steinbeck, and two students from the Faculty of Economics. Together with Jutta Teuwsen, this committee had the task of measuring the applause of the audience for the individual slam contributions. In the end, there was an exciting duel between Neumann and Tanzella, which the Faculty of Law was able to win once again. And so this year the challenge cup remains with the Faculty of Law and Laurenz Neumann receives the coveted trophy of the Heine Slam winner 2017 in a shower of confetti. We say congratulations!

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